Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet the Artist: Paul Loudon

The key cast to ALICE by Paul Loudon
If you have been wondering just who has been creating the amazing artwork for the project, that would be Manchester England based illustrator Paul Loudon. Our chief character designer and layout artist. As well as someone who has helped develop it with me.
I had got to know Paul through his deviantart and I knew right away he was the perfect fit for the project I had been working on. He had just the right action adventure style for Alice.
And he even helped come up with the title ALICE AND THE INVADERS FROM WONDERLAND. The project had been under the working title ALICE THE ADVENTURESS IN WONDERLAND. Until Paul wisely pointed out most of the action took play on Earth as opposed to Wonderland.
The title, much like Paul's work, fit everything just right.
Paul and I have worked very closely together (albeit overseas) on creating the right look for the project in it's various stages.  He had worked with character sketches I had initially created adding his own flair to the characters. Even created the amazing poster-style promotional art.
Alice and Company facing a tall task... a towering task as a matter of fact. Illustrated by Paul Loudon
Be sure to visit his website to check out more of his work. As well as keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.
His work is just too good to miss!

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