Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alice: Victorian Adventuress

One of the things that has driven me to create this version of  Alice was I had become tired of all the fetishy cheesecake versions out there.
Especially in comics.
It's amazing how many sexed-up versions of Alice there are out there. Which is slightly disturbing considering Alice was supposed to be a SIX YEAR OLD girl in Lewis Carroll's original tale. Although, the age has varied in the various productions over the years between six to ten years of age.
Although yes Alice is sixteen years old in my version of Wonderland, I wanted to offer something different from fetishy Alice. I wanted an Alice that was fun and adventurous with a distinct style all  her own. This Alice was not to be a pin-up. But a rough and tumble swashbuckling Victorian Adventuress. These were the things Paul and I worked very hard to create.
This was to be an Alice who wasn't all cogs, corsets and cleavage. I wanted to infuse the best bits of what I love about the Doctor in Doctor Who, Harry Potter and a dash of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
...just for good measure.
What also surprised me when Ainsley how very few girls adventure shows there are on Cartoon Network. I find this to be very unfortunate. Although, I enjoy many of the screwball comedies on CN. I think it could definitely use a show young girls can enjoy.
Alice perhaps?

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  1. YES! more sheros. More things my girls can look at and think that looks like me. More Claras and Donnas, Hermiones and Ginnys, and Buffys and Willows. Toss in some Zoes and Kaylees and a Katniss or two.
    I shouldn't have to search hard for women and girls like this. These should be our standards.
    And of course Swashbuckling Alice.